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Singapore Immigration Requirements













Spouses of Singaporean citizens or permanent residents and their unmarried children under the age of 21 may apply for permanent residence. Also, the "aged" parents of a Singaporean permanent resident or citizen may apply for residence as well. Beyond this, skilled workers, professionals and others possessing "Q","P" or "S" work passes are eligible to apply for permanent residence. Investors may qualify for permanent residence through the Singapore Global Investor Program. People interested in moving to Singapore without meeting any of these eligibility requirements must apply with SMC Management Consultants.



Skilled workers and family of current Singapore residents and citizens need to complete Form 4 . All applications must include an ID photograph, proof of legal travel documentation and, in the case of skilled worker pass holders, proof of income. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and a complete education history are usually required as well. For aged parents of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, a tax payment history and sponsorship from offspring are required as well.



All applicants for permanent residence must make an appointment with the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority by going to its website: All new permanent residents under the age of 18 may have to serve two years in the Singaporean Army or Civil Defense Force. Older permanent residents may have to serve time in the service of the nation as well. This service consists of 40 days per year of training up until the age of 40 or 50, depending on rank. Getting an exemption from national service through renouncing citizenship or residency may negatively impact future work or study opportunities in Singapore.

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